Summer Camp for Middle School Girls!!!!

It's tough being a girl these days.  One in 3 girls will be in, or know someone in, an abusive relationship; 50% of teen girls are depressed; eating disorders, substance abuse and self-injury are on the rise.

Summer Reset summer camp is a preventive program to show girls that they are amazing!  At camp, they will learn tools that will serve them during these challenging years, and throughout life.

Each day will start with 30 minutes of yoga and meditation.  There will be plenty of time for discussion, creative and written activities, and kinesthetic movement - to appeal to our different learning styles.  Topics covered will include healthy relationships, thinking for yourself, creating a positive outcome, anger management, healthy lifestyle, persistence, responsibility and accountability... and FUN!!

Dates:   Session 1.... July 20-24 
Session 2... July 27-31
Session 3... Aug. 3-7
Sessions run 9:30am-3:00pm

Location:  316 S. Main St., Southbury CT 06488

It's all about being preventative and proactive!

Please contact me with any questions: